Two Simple Ornaments for Kids

Both girls have been begging and begging to do more Christmas Crafts.  And as much as I love to craft with them, sometimes I find it a bit tedious. It seems that set up and clean up take longer than the whole project!

However, this time around, I found two projects that the girls loved and stayed interested in. I think doing them concurrently worked because between steps paint, or glue had to dry, so while that was happening on one project we proceeded with the next!

Simple Christmas Ornaments

The first one was a button tree. It doesn’t get much easier than stacking buttons (with glue in between).

Materials: Buttons, glue, string

The only things you need to watch out for are:

1. Bevelled, or rounded buttons.
2. Stacking them too high so they tip. We did three or four, then glued them together.
3. Add string to hang before adding last button to the top.

Button Tree  Buttons  Stacks
Next, while our button stacks dried, we made reindeer out of toilet paper rolls. 

Materials: Toilet Paper Rolls, brown paint, pom-poms for nose, eyes, pipe cleaner

First we painted the toilet paper rolls, then, if we had a body, we hole punched for the body. Once the paint was dried, we attached eyes, nose, ears, and legs.  (And if needed – body to head).

Toilet-Paper-Roll-Reindeer-Nose    Reindeer-Legs    Toilet-Paper-Roll-Reindeer-Lauren
I love how we are (again) using our toilet paper rolls!


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