The 6 Most Dangerous Toys for Adults

As we are midway (almost all the way!) through the Christmas/Holiday Season, I thought I would share with you my list of the,

Dangerous Toys for Adults

I’ve compiled this list after years of injury to my body (and sometimes mind) and used it as a buying guide this year.

1.  A Piece Lego

Sure I know pain, I’ve birthed two children. But I’ve never known such pain as when I stepped full weight on a piece of Lego. Thankfully, the girls were asleep, or I’m sure a few (okay a lot of)  new choice words would’ve slipped into the vocabulary.

2.  Barbie Heels

See above. And times it by 10, and say that I never knew I knew so many curse words and that I could say them so fluently.

3.  Beaded Necklaces

Left on abandoned on any wooden floor, these can become lethal. Like a patch of slick ice. Unfortunately, on more than one occasion, I’ve stepped on these, slipped and bruised my rear.

Beaded Necklaces

4.  A 30+ Pieces Toy

I’ve only made the mistake once (a year ago) of buying a toy that has the 30+ stamp on the box, and I’m still picking up the pieces.

But seriously, anything that has more than 10 pieces to it means more than 10 minutes of cleaning it up after the girls are done with it!

5.  Crayon/marker

They seem innocent enough, that is until you leave one in the hand of a toddler/child who is unsupervised for (I swear) less than a minute. After that said minute, you’ll be busting out a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and using it on your walls.


These toys have a shelf life of about a week, or so in our house before they go missing….

What toy do you find is most “dangerous” for adults?


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    Mercy says

    Lego – deadly for sure. And small plastic animals with sharp ears. I hate noisy toys. And I’ve finally come to my senses and put all writing implements (crayons included) out of my kids’ reach. And I watch them closely when I do let them use them. My walls are still suffering.
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