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A few months ago, my friend posted about Paying it Forward, Please. As I read her post, it reminded me of the time I witnessed a disheveled man (2 people in front of me) unable to pay his grocery bill. The woman behind him (1 in front of me) dropped a $20. She tapped him on the shoulder and said, “I think you dropped this.” Her gesture was so wonderful, it stayed with me.

Then a month ago, I saw a young couple’s car break down in the middle of a busy intersection. During rush hour. I waited for the honking to begin. It didn’t. Instead, I saw 2 people jump from their cars to help push the vehicle onto a side street and others wait patiently. No honking.


We live in a society where we are quick to blame and complain, but do we take the time to compliment and help?

Let’s try to. Let’s vow to focus on the positive. Let’s try to practice random acts of kindness.

Positive gestures big and small count.

    • Returning a shopping cart to the proper place, even if you didn’t use it.
    • Making a point of letting a manager know if you got good service from an employee.
    • Holding open a door for someone.
    • Paying for the next customer’s coffee in line.
    • Or just saying something nice and being kind.

Possibilities are endless. Let’s give this movement a big push.
Let’s Pay it Forward.

We want to hear your stories, or hear something that inspired you.

Please come back on November 12 with your story of Paying It Forward. Grab the badge and link up your post with me and Missy (Literal Mom).

Don’t have blog? We’d still love to hear your stories via Facebook!

Can’t make it November 12? We hope for this to be a monthly link-up and the next date will be December 3.

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  1. 1

    Love this idea, Carolyn!
    Thank you so much for the post shoutout.
    Alison recently posted..Cookies, Bonbons, Community, Oh My!My Profile

  2. 3

    Love this idea, ladies!
    Shell recently posted..Is That What a Good Mom Is?My Profile

  3. 5

    yeah! I’m in. And I’m thinking….wonderful stuff Carolyn :) I love your heart.
    Sarah @sundayspill recently posted..the sunday spill–about dealing with corrupt filesMy Profile

  4. 7

    I love this idea! And great timing with the holidays and short temper season coming.
    Twingle Mommy recently posted..I’m Calling For a Cease and Desist on the Online Political BullyingMy Profile

  5. 9

    Both really nice stories. Loved how that woman gave the shopper $20 without making a big deal of it too. We tend always to see and hear the negative first and yet there is so much kindness out there in the world.
    Jody Brettkelly recently posted..The Secret Science of ShoppingMy Profile

  6. 11

    Can’t wait for next week! I’ve had my story ready for months!
    Missy | The Literal Mom recently posted..Do You Have a Story to Share? #PayitforwardMy Profile

  7. 12

    Sounds like a very inspiring link up!
    Lisa @ Two Bears Farm recently posted..Election DayMy Profile

  8. 14

    Love the idea, girl!

    It’s pure lovely! :)
    Galit Breen recently posted..And Then It RainedMy Profile

  9. 16

    What a cool idea!

  10. 18

    I love this idea! How long will the link-up be open this time?
    Greta recently posted..Project 365: Week 45My Profile

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