Paper Stars

Go me, I did it again. I made another craft from something I had pinned.

Paper Stars ~ Hooked and Happy

I love these paper stars! JBird and I made a lot of them (different colors and sizes) and they are going to be her preschool teacher’s Christmas gift.

It’s all about the folding, so I’ve broken it down like the original post. It seems like a lot of steps, but not really…. have fun!

paper clips
ribbon/string/fishing line (something to hang stars)



Step 1: If starting with a rectangle, fold paper along the diagonal making a triangle. We are turning the paper into a square. Cut off the piece at the bottom. Unfold and lay square flat.
If starting with square paper, make a triangle folding along the diagonal, then unfold and lay flat.

Step 2: Fold square in half, making a rectangle.

Step 3: Fold rectangle in half again, making it a square.

Step 4: Open paper and lay it flat. Now fold paper in half diagonally, opposite to what you originally folded in step 1. Unfold it. The result should be 8 fold lines, see picture.


Step 5: Open paper and lie it flat. Cut about half way up the folds on the straight sides of the page. Continue for all 4 straight sides.

Step 6: Turn paper over, wrong side facing up. Fold cut edges back onto diagonal folds, forming points at the corners of the paper. Continue for all corners, i.e. 4 points.

Step 7: Put glue on right half of each point.

Step 8: Take left half of point and place it over the right side, forming star point. Secure point until glue dries. Repeat for all 4 points.

Repeat steps with second piece of paper.

Place star halves together, flat side to flat side. Place glue where they touch. Let stand until glue has dried.

Paper Star ~ Hooked and Happy

Mine is not flat side to flat side because I wanted to hang my stars against a wall.

Paper Star ~ Hooked and Happy

 It was harder to glue them together, point side on top of point side. I had use my glue gun and hold the halves together for about 5 minutes before placing them on the table to dry completely.

My other flat side to flat side stars were easier to glue and hang down over our doorway.



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