Paper Ornaments

This week we made some simple paper ornaments to hang on our tree.

Paper Ornaments ~ Hooked and Happy

Our poor sad tree can’t take a lot of weight so these were perfect. (Along with some paper stars.)

Christmas Tree         Paper Star

{In all truth – this is a second tree, but regardless, not very strong.}


Paper Ornaments Materials

Punches (Same ones from the Mini Muffin Tin Advent Calendar) or
you can cut out shapes
String/Raffia/Hanging Material

*I switched to Mod Podge and a foam brush after the first ornament. It was a good move!


1. Cut/Punch out shapes and fold them in half.

Paper Ornaments Shapes Paper Ornaments Fold

BE CAREFUL HOW YOU FOLD. Keep it consistent or you can end up with sides that do not match.

Paper Ornaments Mismatch

2. Glue one side of folded punch and stick to another side of different folded punch.

Side Glued Paper Ornaments Stick Sides
3.  Continue around until done.

If you are using raffia or some hanging material, add it before you glue the last piece in.

Paper Ornaments Raffia

I made 3, 4, 5, and 6-sided ornaments.

Ornaments Different Sizes

and different shaped ornaments

Paper Ornaments Different Shapes

My personal preference is the 5 or 6-sided ones.

Hanging Paper Ornament

And Julia’s is hers,  made out of squares.

Square Paper Ornament

Do you have handmade ornaments on your tree?


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