Family Meal: Risotto Primavera


Note: I was not compensated in any form for this review. I was out shopping in a children’s store when I saw Annbel Karmel‘s book, You Can Cook. Since I am always trying new recipes, and I want JBird to have fun and cook with me, I decided to buy the book. I’ve got to say, I [...]

Kid Craft: Dyed Pasta Necklace


I found this craft in my August issue of Family Fun Magazine. Julia and I enjoyed making these beads then stringing them into “so beautiful necklaces”, direct quote :) I loved how I could also use this craft to go over numbers and counting, as well as teach how mixing two colors together make another [...]

The Challenging Twos


I”ll confess, sometimes I want to put put my toddler daughter in her room, shut the door, and ignore her. Ignore her until she stops whining, or screaming, or just being annoying. When the JBird turned two and learned to start “expressing herself”, we were challenged by her and her newfound independence. A lot of people called these [...]

Natural Household Cleaners


I’ve been trying to get away from using harsh chemicals around the house and discovered that everyday products can be substituted in and clean just as well. I can’t remember where I originally got this list from, but it works well. I’ve also added to it. Disclaimer: Please use at your own discretion. What works [...]

The End of Our Own Language

All Done

My first communication with the JBird was Baby Signs. We didn’t do many, but just enough so she could express herself {sort of} and not get frustrated. All Done! When she started babbling , she’d come out with the cutest things. I loved it. Tis = Kiss Peaz = Please Wahwah = water Nis = Crayons [...]

The Baby is Rockin’ with Us

Thumper's turn to get her groove on.

Once again I decided to join Shell at Things I Can’t Say for her link up, Rockin’ the Baby. I had a problem finding just one photo! As soon as my girls were born I became the paparazzi, the stalkarazzi. I never ever left home, let alone a room, without my camera. I was crazy (I’m [...]