Mistakes Are Proof You Are Trying

Mistakes Are Proof You Are TryingJulia started Kindergarten this past year. It was a great milestone, although bittersweet. I look at her and am amazed that she is already five.

Kindergarten is both exciting and exhausting for her. The amount she is learning astounds me. Every day she comes home with something new to tell me.

And I know she tries hard. Her questions tell me. I also can see it because, even in Kindergarten, she has homework.

We’ve settled into somewhat of a routine, working on her homework together, free from distraction (Lauren). I see her gripping her pencil, licking her lips, ready to go. Eager at first, she begins to fill out her letters or numbers, whatever they have her working on. Soon, though, frustration appears as her letters go into “the basement” (below the line), or her numbers are backwards, and I ask her to do them again. She sighs, and tries again.

We are good for another few letters and numbers, but soon, again, her formations are wrong and backwards. This time I don’t say anything. She knows they are wrong, and she uses her eraser and rubs them out. I’m proud of her, as she tries to “perfect” her handwriting.

But I am also worried.

Soon she erasers almost every letter as soon as she has made it. “It’s not perfect.” And maybe they aren’t, but for a five-year-old, they are.

“No, I need to do better.”

I know she wants to do better for me, for her teachers.

We have a lot of work to go through, and at this pace if she keeps this up we’ll never finish.

I try to tell her she’s doing okay, but she needs it too be right. Have we corrected her too much?

And I’m at a loss.

The next day, I stumble across this sign on Pinterest and I just know it is perfect.

Mistakes Are Proof You Are TryingAt our next homework time, I give her a printout I created with the saying. Embracing her I explain, she is still learning and part of that process is making mistakes, and as long as she is trying, she is doing her best.

And mistakes, your mistakes, they are proof you are trying.

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  1. 11

    Emmy says

    Beautifully said and such a good thing to remember for those who are perfectionists in life. My oldest would often rather not do something, than do something and make a mistake so we have had to work with him on this idea a lot
    Emmy recently posted..The Accidental MarriageMy Profile

  2. 13

    Kimber Britner says

    Hi Carolyn, I loved reading about your precious daughter! Don’t you think each kid’s uniqueness is simply amazing? I remember my youngest son doing everything very slowly. There was no sense in trying to hurry him along, because he just went at his own pace and still does! We all laugh about it now, because we could be ready to leave and he’d just be getting started! I’ve learned to focus on the positives and when I do the “differences” don’t seem so glaring. Hey, I am apart of your Sits Blog Building Group that started today. Nice to connect with you here. You can find me over at http://www.moxieme.com

  3. 17

    Ashley Ederington says

    Oh I remember when my oldest was in Kindergarten, he would do the exact same thing. I think both of you will figure it out, just like we did. I’m in your SITS tribe and I look forward to connecting with you!

  4. 19

    Dana says

    Another SITS tribe member here :) One of my children is similar to Julia – he’s very hard on himself. It’s something we’ve worked on for years and I do see improvement. His sister is much different, so I have to remember to work with each of them differently.
    Dana recently posted..Spooning with LisaMy Profile

  5. 21

    Jen says

    I have a Kindergartener too and we struggle with the same things. One thing you said that stood out to me is that for a five year old it’s perfect. I think things will be just fine and they’ll perfect their penmanship as they grow. I’m Jen, one of your #SITSBlogging Tribe Sisters! I look forward to getting to know you and supporting you in any way I can. ;-)
    Jen recently posted..DIY Girl Scout Cookie LanyardsMy Profile

  6. 23

    Tonya says

    I love that statement! I have a son with Autism and homework can be very challenging. Sometimes I just have to take a step back and realize that he’s trying his best. Short breaks help too! I’m one of your #SITSBlogging Tribe Sisters. It’s nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you! :-)
    Tonya recently posted..The Truth About Blogging Three Times Per WeekMy Profile

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