Make Your Own Wrap Bracelets

Make your own wrap bracelets in seconds. Seriously!

I first saw these wrap bracelets from Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop, and they made it to my Pinterest Boards. Now months later, I finally made some, and they were so easy. Many thanks to Honestly…WTF for first posting them! Make Your Own Wrap Bracelets ~ Hooked and Happy MATERIALS

Make Your Own Wrap Bracelets - Materials

1.5mm leather cord* {Hobby Lobby} ball chain*  {Hobby Lobby} waxed linen cord*  {online} 1/4″ hex nut  {Lowes}

*Lengths will vary depending on size of your wrist


1. Cut ball chain to length of braclet you want. Cut leather cord to length, plus some for loop (see photo below) and some for tying at the end (see photo above).  The wax linen I cut to 3 times the length of my bracelet because I didn’t want to run out.

2. Fold the leather cord in half and twist waxed linen around leaving a loop at top big enough for hex nut to go through. This will be the clasp.

Make Your Own Wrap Bracelet ~ Step 2Make Your Own Wrap Bracelet ~ Step 2

3. Place the ball chain on the leather cord and begin wrapping wax linen around both the chain and cord.

4. When you’ve reached the end of the ball chain, wrap the wax linen around the cord around the leather a few times, then knot all 3 strands. Thread the hex nut on and knot again. Trim the ends and wear!

Make Your Own Wrap Bracelet ~ Step 4 Make Your Own Wrap Bracelet ~ Hooked and Happy

And you know what would look just so pretty with your braclets? A beautiful macrame necklace from Carolyn Y. Creates? And I’m offereing 20% off with 20OFFSUMMER2012.

Hope you find something you like!


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