How to Make a Basic Toddler Bed Canopy

I created this Toddler Bed Canopy for under $12 and 12 minutes with 5 easy steps.
(Printable Instructions at bottom.)

My little princess loves sleeping under it!

The beauty of this canopy is that you can leave it plain, like I did, or embellish it. And it can be made for boys. Think about using blue drapes and decorating with glow in the dark stars.


  • One Hula Hoop, cost = $1.00 (mine had 22″ diameter)
  • Two* 84″ Long Sheer Window Panels (38″ W), cost = $4.50 each,
    (I used drapes over tulle because the edges are finished, cutting out a step for me!)
  • One 48″ piece of ribbon, cost = very little, (I had a roll of pink tulle ribbon in for gift wrapping.)
  • Hook to hang canopy, cost = $1.00

*Depending on the circumference of your hula hoop and the width of your panel, you could only need one.

Not pictured -
measuring tape
needle and thread
glue/packing tape**
**Your choice


1.  Cut hoop to allow you to thread the drape onto the hoop.

2.  Lay out drapes. Take the top rod pocket and fold the fabric down 12″. Make small stitches at both sides of drape (at bottom of rod pocket) and 2 places in between along the rod pocket.

3.  Thread hoop through rod pocket, secure cut ends of the hoop with glue/tape to make a loop again.

4.  Thread ribbon through the 12″ pocket you just created in step 2.

5.  Tie loosely so top of canopy gathers. Sew back of panels together in a few places. Hang and enjoy!

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  1. 3

    Melissa says

    Wow, I am not a crafty mom, and I think even I can do that. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for visiting my blog today!

  2. 5

    Lisa Liddiard says

    Wow I wish I had seen this when I was researching how to make one for my kindergarten class this summmer. It took three hours to make. My son requested one for his birthday in January and I was kind of wondering how I would find the time but this is so simple I can wait to get started!

    • 6

      Carolyn says

      I hope you find it as easy as I did. I think using drapes is key :)
      Less sewing!
      Of course, you can embellish the canopy anyway you want.
      Let me know how it goes.

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