DIY Fairy Crown

Julia has been relentless about wanting a fairy crown. I’m not sure how she gets these ideas, but nevertheless, she had this one and wouldn’t let it go.

After a few days of thinking, I finally came up with this simple crown, which she LOVES. Thank goodness.

Best part? It only took me a few minutes and dollars to make it.

DIY Fairy Crown ~ Hooked and Happy


Fairy Crown Materials ~ Hooked and Happy

Ribbon (as many colors as you like)


1. Measure the head you are making the crown for and cut garland 2x, or 3x that length so it can be wrapped around. (Wrapping makes it more full)

2. Begin to cut ribbon to desired length. You will be “curling” the ribbon with scissors and that will lift the length, so cut more than you need. I cut about 50 inches.

3. Curl the ribbon. I tending to go to tight and often had a kink in the curl. The kink can be removed my wrapping the curled ribbon around your finger.

DIY Fairy Crown ~ Hooked and Happy

DIY Fairy Crown ~ Hooked and Happy

DIY Fairy Crown ~ Hooked and Happy

4. Attach to crown. I tied mine on. {Use as many ribbon curls as you like.}

And you’re done!

After a week of wearing it, Julia has now decided to call it a Mermaid Crown and wants to be a Mermaid for Halloween!


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