Don’t Forget! {Printable Packing List}

Packing List ~ Hooked and Happy

Summertime for us equals Travel. For years I’ve had a packing list (disorganized and incomplete) floating around on my computer. And inevitably, I always forgot to pack one, or two, or three(!), key things because I never remember to add those forgotten items to my master packing list. Finally, I took the time to make a [Read More …]

Help, I’m Travelling with a Toddler and a Baby


First of all, wish us luck. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I agreed to to take a trip with our two children that involves, a 3.5 hour plane ride and a 1.5 hour car ride. (And this doesn’t include the wait times… waiting in the airport, waiting at car rental place…) Crazy? [Read More …]

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