Spring Cleaning, Ugh.


It took a while, but finally Spring arrived. It is usually about this time that I feel like I should clean. But I HATE cleaning, who has time for it? Yet, it has to be done. Cleaning actually stresses me out. I feel like it is never-ending. I clean one thing, only to turn around and [...]

The Art of Tipping

Tip Jar

Perhaps it is just me. Perhaps it is not. But I think tipping has gotten out of hand. It seem that everywhere I go, I am faced with signs like this.

Protect Yourself from Facebook Hacking


It seems there is never a shortage of new hacks, new viruses, and the like. Most of them can be treated as “noise”, or just watched to see how they go, relying on our set of security tools. But other times, some come to my attention and warrant some action.