Little Acts Performed to Pay It Forward

Abandoned Shopping Cart

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. AND It can be the most stressful time of the year. We are running around, trying to get things done, trying to create a perfect holiday, that we can get lost. And we can be abrupt, forgetful, selfish. So, for my Pay It Forward act, I decided [Read More …]

Small Acts Make Big Smiles

Paying It Forward

Sometimes all it takes is one kind word, or one small action to make me feel good for an entire day. Heck, maybe even a week. I especially love it when my Husband acknowledges an extra effort I put into making Julia and Lauren’s day full of fun, or into a meal. That appreciation, that [Read More …]

Pay It Forward Please

Pay It Forward ~ Hooked and Happy

A few months ago, my friend posted about Paying it Forward, Please. As I read her post, it reminded me of the time I witnessed a disheveled man (2 people in front of me) unable to pay his grocery bill. The woman behind him (1 in front of me) dropped a $20. She tapped him [Read More …]

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