Mistakes Are Proof You Are Trying

Mistakes Are Proof You Are Trying

Julia started Kindergarten this past year. It was a great milestone, although bittersweet. I look at her and am amazed that she is already five. Kindergarten is both exciting and exhausting for her. The amount she is learning astounds me. Every day she comes home with something new to tell me. And I know she [Read More …]

Looking Back: The First Quarter


One of the reasons I love blogging is because it captures some of me and my family. And I love looking back and “thumbing” through posts of what I cooked, crafted, or did. That’s why I’m excited to participate in the 4th Annual Review Extravaganza! January The start of the new year, the promise of [Read More …]

Remembering Everyone


Today we remember our soldiers, past and present, and to them I say Thank You! But I’d also like to think about the women (and men) who stand by all the soldiers. Like my Nana. A wartime bride, she saw her new husband off to fight.  In 1942, she had my Mother and raised her alone [Read More …]

If You Let A Three Year Old Dress Herself

If You Let A Three Year Old

In the spirit of Laura Numeroff and her books – If You Give a Mouse/Cat/Moose/Pig “something”, I present – If You Let A Three Year Old Dress Herself  If you let a three year old dress herself, chances are she’ll pull everything out of her drawers.  She’ll discover what she wants is in the laundry basket, so [Read More …]

Am I Creating an Anxious Daughter?


A few weeks ago, I yelled at Julia, for what I can’t remember right now.  It could’ve been because I was on the tenth time of asking her to put on her shoes, or help pick up her mess.   What I do remember, however, is her cowering into herself as if trying to shrink [Read More …]

Today Is The Day – Kindergarten!


Today is the day my baby started Kindergarten. I have a range of emotions coursing through me. They, of course, range from sadness to happiness. I’m sad because it seems like just yesterday Julia was born. Her years are passing by too fast, and I know, before I know it, she’ll be off to college. [Read More …]

Teaching Patience over Sharing


For a long time, I believe the number one word I said daily was share. But then I changed that. I stopped saying share and instead replaced it with wait. Too many times I saw Julia (or Lauren) march over to the other and demand ask for a toy with full expectation it be given [Read More …]

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