Two Simple Ornaments for Kids

Simple Christmas Ornaments

Both girls have been begging and begging to do more Christmas Crafts.  And as much as I love to craft with them, sometimes I find it a bit tedious. It seems that set up and clean up take longer than the whole project! However, this time around, I found two projects that the girls loved [...]

Paper Clip Angels

Paper Clip Angels

We’ve been crafting and crafting all Thanksgiving week!  We’ve made a ton of ornaments, and yesterday finally started our advent calendars. I will confess not all crafting endeavours go smoothly. Sometimes, there is a lot of spilled paint and tears. But this one, this Paper Clip Angel, was fun and easy! I got the idea [...]

3 Easy Paper Ornaments


This holiday season I feel like I’ve been crafting and crafting and having fun! So,  I thought I would share with you 3 Easy Paper Ornaments that I’ve made.  These take minutes to make and are, in my opinion, pretty!