Kindergarten Sight Words Word Search {Printable}

Kindergarten Sight Words Word Search

Okay, now say that title Kindergarten Sight Words Word Search, five times in a row! I couldn’t! This year, Julia entered the world of Kindergarten. The explosion of learning is unbelievable. And I can’t believe how much she has retained.   She’s doing so well, but isn’t a real fan of homework. To help her out I [...]

Reusable Kids Activity Book


JBird started preschool, and when she comes home, I like to go over what she learns at school.  Since we are doing a lot of activities and most of them over and over, I created a reusable Activity Book. All it took was some sheet protectors, dry erase crayons (or markers), print-outs (or pages from [...]

Liquid Chalk


It was a Friday afternoon, and we had a few hours to kill until reinforcements  Daddy came home. The JBird was clamouring to go outside and do some chalk, but we had none! So, I had to quickly improvise. I thought about doing driveway paint, but I was out of cornstarch too (gotta go shopping soon). [...]