Kindergarten Sight Words Word Search {Printable}

Kindergarten Sight Words Word Search

Okay, now say that title Kindergarten Sight Words Word Search, five times in a row! I couldn’t! This year, Julia entered the world of Kindergarten. The explosion of learning is unbelievable. And I can’t believe how much she has retained.   She’s doing so well, but isn’t a real fan of homework. To help her out I [Read More …]

School Sparks Workbook Giveaway (461 pages of activities!)

School Sparks Workbook

Another year of school is under way. I can’t believe how quickly the summer went. Last year, Julia had a lot of fun filling out her Reusable Activity Book, so I decided to make her a new one.  One that would focus a bit more on Pre-K and have some math. I knew immediately I [Read More …]

The Night Before Father’s Day {Giveaway}


This is the first year JBird is begininng to understand about giving presents, and she loves giving them just as much as she loves getting them. This year on my birthday, she insisted she pick out my gift. What Mom wouldn’t love a Hello Kitty Coloring Book?

Sparking Your Child’s Learning

School Sparks Quote

Source The above quote couldn’t be more true. I think daily about how I am influencing and shaping my daughters. I marvel at the new words, phrases, actions, and things they are doing. I want to be active in what they are learning. I love the Reusable Activity Book I made Jbird (and so does [Read More …]

Reusable Kids Activity Book


JBird started preschool, and when she comes home, I like to go over what she learns at school.  Since we are doing a lot of activities and most of them over and over, I created a reusable Activity Book. All it took was some sheet protectors, dry erase crayons (or markers), print-outs (or pages from [Read More …]

Liquid Chalk


It was a Friday afternoon, and we had a few hours to kill until reinforcements  Daddy came home. The JBird was clamouring to go outside and do some chalk, but we had none! So, I had to quickly improvise. I thought about doing driveway paint, but I was out of cornstarch too (gotta go shopping soon). [Read More …]

Building our First Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden (2)

After seeing a “Fairy Garden” at a friend’s house, the JBird decided she wanted one too. Naturally, I went online and searched for them. There were tons of kits, but they seems so expensive for what we needed. Instead I decided to go to a nursery and buy some flowers. I took the JBird with me [Read More …]

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