Asian Glazed Chicken {Slow Cooker}

Asian Glazed Chicken

I think it’s about time to post another pintested recipe! This one comes from my Pinterest Board Food: Slow Cooker.  I love my slow cooker. I love having dinner ready in the morning, so I don’t have to think about it all day! And what I love most, is those recipes where there is minimal to [...]

Asian Crunch Salad

Asian Crunch Salad

My friend Amy brought this over to my house, and I loved it.  I also believe I’ve made it over 10 times since I first tasted it a month or two ago. It’s so simple and tasty. And I also love my new find (probably not new to everyone else on this planet) - Sriracha sauce. [...]

Sweet and Sour Chicken {Slow Cooker}

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Oh how I love this Sweet and Sour Chicken. I love it so much, I tend to make it over and over and over, but for some reason have never posted it?! What I love most about this dish is the sauce, I double it every time I make it. As Canadian Living says - [...]