The Ultimate Granola

The Ultimate Granola with Quinoa ~ Hooked and Happy

I’m not a great eater in the morning. And I know I should be better since breakfast fuels us for the rest of the day, but what with getting everyone else going, I sometimes lack the time to have a good breakfast. This is why whenever I see a good breakfast recipe, I try it! I [Read More …]

Drinkable Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I know my greens are good for me. And I’ve tried to up their intake. I thought a green smoothie would be the easiest way. I was wrong. I went through countless recipes trying to find a green smoothie I would and could drink. Most tasted like, well, gross. I [Read More …]

Millet Muffins

Millet Muffins ~ Hooked and Happy

In a previous post, I confessed my love for Heidi Swanson and her cookbook,  Super Natural Every Day. My love of this cookbook was strengthened once I made the Millet Muffins. They are awesome! I love the texture of these and the little crunch the millet gives. I’ve doubled the recipe and thrown the extra muffins [Read More …]

Trail Mix Muffins

Trail Mix Muffins ~ Hooked and Happy

I found this awesome recipe for Trail Mix Muffins in my October Issue of Family Fun. I knew immediately I would make it, especially since it contained quinoa! {I love the recipes I have with quinoa in them}.

Applesauce Spiced Protein Bars


Our morning routine, in the summer, is non existent. We get up and and take our time. But every once in awhile, we’ll have an appointment, play date, or something that requires us to motor. For those mornings, I like a quick, easy, but nutritious breakfast and often fall back on the The Healthy Drop Cookie. [Read More …]

Healthy Breakfast Drop Cookie {Recipe}


This is one cookie I love serving to my girls. It is also a great morning “grab-n-go munchie”. {And it seems lately, we’ve been having a lot of these mornings.} As I do with most of my recipes, I’ve tweaked this one and added some wheat germ.   Source: Canadian Living’s Best – Easy Cooking [Read More …]

Healthy Whole Wheat Pancakes


Growing up, on every Shrove Tuesday, my British Nana made sure we ate pancakes. And so, since it is Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day/Fat Tuesday, I thought I’d post my favourite pancake recipe. It’s an original recipe, adapted from my Dad’s recipe. The yield is 10 Healthy Whole Wheat Pancakes! INGREDIENTS Dry Ingredients 1/2 c Whole Wheat [Read More …]

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