Korean Short Ribs

Korean Short Ribs

I’ll admit, I stumbled upon this Korean Short Ribs recipe from the Foodie Army Wife back in the summer and forgot to post it, hence the photos have corn on the cob in them… And I’ve forgotten about my Pintested Posts… oy. I guess life got in the way?! Anyway, fast forward a few months, and [Read More …]

Healthy 10 Minute Pizza Dough

10 Minute Pizza Dough - Hooked and Happy

I remember the days when my Mom would make pizza dough. On the counter sat our blue bowl with a yellow kitchen towel draped over. Underneath, a ball of dough was housed. It sat for a couple hours until it doubled in size. After, it was pounded and rolled and sprinkled with our favourite toppings. [Read More …]

Simple Lasagne

SImple Lasagne

I was touring Kraft Canada’s site looking for an easy dinner when I came upon their Simply Lasagne. {Which I think should be called Simple Lasagne}. I’ve always avoided Lasagne because it seemed so complicated and long. I mean, I remember seeing my mom make it and it seemed like she was in the kitchen [Read More …]

Steakhouse Wrap Panini

Steakhouse Wrap Panini ~ Hooked and Happy

When I first glanced at Clean Eating‘s Steakhouse Wrap Panini recipe I passed it by. The recipe had minimal ingredients and didn’t sound all that good. Spinach and buttermilk? Green onions and paprika? All that together? Pass. BUT – I thumbed through the cookbook again, and this time stopped at the photo they had taken of the [Read More …]

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