Paper Clip Angels

Paper Clip Angels

We’ve been crafting and crafting all Thanksgiving week!  We’ve made a ton of ornaments, and yesterday finally started our advent calendars. I will confess not all crafting endeavours go smoothly. Sometimes, there is a lot of spilled paint and tears. But this one, this Paper Clip Angel, was fun and easy! I got the idea [Read More …]

3 Easy Paper Ornaments


This holiday season I feel like I’ve been crafting and crafting and having fun! So,  I thought I would share with you 3 Easy Paper Ornaments that I’ve made.  These take minutes to make and are, in my opinion, pretty!

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

It feels like summer just ended, and yet here we are already into November! Crazy. Even more crazy?? Christmas is in 41 days away! Every year I seem to make some sort of advent calendar.  Two years ago, I made the Elves on the Shelf. And last year, the Mini Muffin Tin Advent Calendar. And [Read More …]

Waxed Paper and Crayon Hearts

Valentine Crayon Hearts

I remember as a kid we used to make waxed paper and crayon hearts. Then I saw them pop up on Pinterest, and decided to make them with the girls. They really are simple to make, and both girls enjoyed watching the crayon shavings melt and mold. {And yes we had a little educational lesson [Read More …]

Paper Ornaments

Paper Ornaments ~ Hooked and Happy

This week we made some simple paper ornaments to hang on our tree. Our poor sad tree can’t take a lot of weight so these were perfect. (Along with some paper stars.)

Mini Muffin Tin Advent Calendar

Mini Muffin Tin Advent Calendar

As soon as I saw the Mini Muffin Tin Advent Calendar in Family Fun (November 2012), I knew I wanted to make it. I still love (and will use) my Elves on the Shelf Advent Calendar I made last year.  But with 2 daughters, well I need to make two Advent Calendars! It’s pretty simple [Read More …]

DIY Fairy Crown

Fairy Crown ~ Hooked and Happy

Julia has been relentless about wanting a fairy crown. I’m not sure how she gets these ideas, but nevertheless, she had this one and wouldn’t let it go. After a few days of thinking, I finally came up with this simple crown, which she LOVES. Thank goodness. Best part? It only took me a few minutes [Read More …]

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