Which Yogurt is the best Greek Yogurt? #TasteOff

I grew up in the era of the Coke vs Pepsi taste-off, you know the Pepsi Challenge. That was the one and only taste-off I ever did. (I preferred Coke). And since my soda days are behind me, way behind me, I never thought of doing another taste off until I was approached by Yoplait. They’ve created the Yoplait Greek Taste-Off. Yoplait Greek Yogurt Taste Off I decided to bring Julia into the taste-off as she is our main eater of yogurt. And I’ve been giving her Greek yogurt because it is a good source of protein. Yoplait-Greek-Yogurt-Taste-Off Yoplait-Greek-Yogurt-Taste-Off-2 Yoplait-Greek-Yogurt-Taste-Off-3 Yoplait-Greek-Yogurt-Taste-Off-4 Well the verdict is in, Julia preferred the Yoplait yogurt. And me, I preferred the Chobani. I think it was thicker and creamier. I also liked that it wasn’t as sweet tasting as the Yoplait. Which Greek-style yogurt do you think would be your family’s favorite?  Visit the Yoplait Taste-Off Site to get a $0.50 coupon for any single serving cup, and try for yourself! This taste test was sponsored by Yoplait, but I was given the creative freedom to honestly express my opinions.

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  1. 1

    Hi Carolyn — I’m a big fan of Chobani’s black cherry and Noosa’s lemon and strawberry rhubarb, but if Julie likes Yoplait the best, I’m going to try it too.
    Patricia Stoltey recently posted..I’ve Been a Busy Bee This WeekMy Profile

  2. 5

    Gosh she’s getting cuter every day. As to me, I’ll go with Chobani simply because they use milk from cows not treated with rBST. I know that it’s not completely agreed upon science, whether it makes a difference, but the general rule for me is that untreated cows give more natural quantities of milk and end up with fewer problems like mastitis and infection. Healthier cows = healthier everyone. Plus I think Chobani is creamier too. Noosa as your other commenter mentioned… the yummiest of them all… but expensive.

  3. 9

    Sounds good, I will def give it a try!

  4. 11

    hahaha. the pictures of her blindfolded! awesome. I think I like chobani better. Actually, have you ever had Fage? That’s probably my #1. My favorite is the fage with the side of honey :)
    sarah recently posted..Photo tip Friday: 5 easy ways to create a dynamic pictureMy Profile

    • 12

      Thanks Sarah, that means a lot coming from you! I’ve been playing with the camera in my eternal effort to get off of AUTO!
      I’ve had Fage, and yes I love it too!

  5. 13

    Your little taste tester is super cute!! I would have guessed that Yoplait would be the winner. They’ve always had great tasting yogurt. I’ve tried Chobani, and just am not a fan. I’ve actually been eating a Greek Yogurt from another brand that I love, but am definitely going to give this Yoplait Greek Yogurt a try.
    Great post!
    laura recently posted..5 Circles You Can Create To Get You Started On G+My Profile

  6. 15

    The blind fold was a great touch! Yoplait was the taste test winner in our house.
    Vicky @ Mess For Less recently posted..Set Up a Taste Test For KidsMy Profile

  7. 17

    She’s too cute!
    I have only had Danone Oikos so far, but there is not much more available in our little town… I would try the Yoplait for sure, because I like it in general (and I like to mix plain Greek with frozen raspberries and almonds. Yum)
    Kerstin @ Auer Life recently posted..My Secret SuperPowersMy Profile

  8. 21

    I’ve found a new brand, Yopa! I LOVE IT. While I prefer Chobani to other brands like Oikos (only tried it once, didn’t want to repeat it), I prefer the Chobani with the toppings, the ones with a side of almonds in a compartment. Yopa is not as tart and it’s less expensive (one of the few times my husband has come home with a foreign brand and I’ve said ok). But now I need to try Yoplait.
    Arnebya recently posted..Why Black History Still Needs to Be Discussed in Black TodayMy Profile

  9. 23

    My girls prefer the Yoplait too! They have one in their school lunch almost every day.

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