Another Opportunity to #PayItForward

If you look around you there are always opportunities to do some good.

And with the horrific event that happened last month, I think more than ever, society needs to be reminded there is good.

Last month, before break, after I dropped Julia off at her classroom, I sat in the school lobby waiting for a friend when I saw a Kindergartner brought to the front office.

“Why?” He was asked, “Are you not in dress code?”

He shuffled from foot to foot, head down, hands slammed into pockets. After a minute, he lifted his head and shrugged, then promptly lowered his gaze back to his shoes.

I took one look at him and knew. His family couldn’t afford the uniform.

As he stood there I felt his embarrassment.

After he’d left, I tapped on the principal’s door and confirmed my suspicions.

Yes, his family wasn’t well off and were struggling.  I told her I’d like to buy him a uniform and asked for his size.

That night I went out got bought his stuff.School-Uniform

I dropped it off the next day. Anonymously.

I don’t need a thanks. What I hope is that he doesn’t feel like an outcast, that he knows, his family knows, someone cares. And he’s comfortable fitting in with his class now.

What did you end up doing this past month? 

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      Carolyn says

      It is sad. I think the teacher was in a hard place. There is a dress code …. and every other student seemed to be in it. What does she do?
      In her defense, she was gentle in her voice and words, and I don’t think I conveyed that in the post.

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    Amy Cesar says

    How nice of you! I’m so glad you were the person in the lobby to witness that. I’m also sad that he was put into that embarassing situation. I am suprised there are not resouces for that……hmm.

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