3D July 4 Stars From Cereal Boxes

Another Pinterest Project that was fun and easy!

3D Cereal Box Stars

I love the results.

3D Cereal Box Star ~ Hooked and Happy

 All it took was,

  • an empty cereal box (or some other empty boxes, like, say a Ritz box, which I ALWAYS seem to have)
  • paint and paintbrush (or other decorating materials)
  • knife and ruler (not pictured) for scoring


1. Trace a star pattern on the box and cut out. A great printable star pattern can be found at Family Fun.

Since I have the Silhouette Cameo I used it and this star shape {star_C01043_31857}

I Created a New Media called Cardboard with the settings:
Blade: 10
Speed: 2
Thickness: 2

2.  Score your cardboard, using a ruler so your lines are straight, go from tip to indent.

Repeat a few times. **Use a dullish knife, not too serrated, or you will cut into your cardboard as you need to go over your lines a few times to make an indent.

3. Bend your score lines. Bend up the lines extending from the tips and bend in the indent lines.

4. Decorate!

3D Cereal Box Stars ~ Hooked and Happy


5. Match them up with the DIY July 4 Party Lights.

What Pinterest Project(s) have you made and enjoyed?


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